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Introducing the "Kaze - Palo Santo Holder" - Handcrafted Eco Resin Tray.


Elevate your Palo Santo burning ritual with the "Kaze Palo Santo Holder." Handmade with precision using eco resin, this unique round-shaped tray features irregular edges, adding a touch of natural elegance to your sacred space.  


To protect the integrity of the tray, Palo Santo sticks must be burned upright in the designated space. This ensures that any resin residue from the burning process remains contained, preserving the beauty of the tray.


Each piece is hand poured to order, and, although we give our best, they will not be twins and air bubbles may be present and are not considered a fault. 

Kaze - Palo Santo Holder

Shipping 2nd August
  • Handle with care.

    They can be wiped out with a damp cloth.

    Do not submerge them under water.

    Do not store them in a high humidity environment!

    It is NOT safe to put them in your dish washer.

    Not to be used with food.

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