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Love at first scent - Our Features


100% Biodegradable Packaging

Our Mushroom Packaging is made entirely from mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. This organic material is not only renewable but also decomposes naturally, leaving behind no harmful residues.


Locally Sourced Ingredients

Our commitment begins where we choose only the most reputable farm distilleries in the very countries where the essential oils are grown. This deliberate decision serves dual purposes: not only does it ensure that we support local economies, but it also allows us to forge strong partnerships with the farmers and distillers at the heart of the production process.


Formulated by expert

Crafting exceptional aromatherapy products is both an art and a science. Our expert ensures that every product is meticulously crafted to perfection, maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficacy.


Tested by Customers and Professionals

Our community is at the heart of our innovation process. By involving customers and professionals in product testing, we ensure that our offerings meet real-world needs and expectations.

Embark on a Fragrant Journey

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At Aroma Theory, we believe in the power of aromatherapy to promote wellness and balance in people's lives. As a clinical aromatherapist and founder of this company, I personally oversee all our products and services. With a limited-time offer of a free consultation, I am dedicated to listening to all your concerns and creating customized solutions that will help you manage or resolve them. I have a deep understanding of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and their effects on our physical, emotional and mental well-being, and I'm here to share that knowledge with you.

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