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Discover Serenity, Embrace Elegance


Step into a world where luxury intertwines with wellness, crafted meticulously by the expert hands of a clinical aromatherapist. The Aroma Theory Cashmere Candle is not just a candle; it's an experience, a journey through a garden of tranquility and grace.


Elevate Your Ambiance


Immerse yourself in the sophisticated blend of Clove Bud, Vetiver, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and Lavender. Each note is carefully selected and harmonized to transform your home or studio into a sanctuary of peace and elegance. The natural fusion of soy and coconut wax ensures a clean, long-lasting burn, enveloping your space in a velvety layer of luxury.


Clinical Expertise, Aromatic Bliss


As a clinical aromatherapist, I have delved deep into the heart of nature's offerings, extracting purity and essence to create a candle that does more than illuminate. Every flicker of the flame whispers a story of wellness, balance, and serenity. The therapeutic properties of the essential oils are released gently, offering a subtle, yet profound, impact on your wellbeing.


A Symphony of Scents for the Soul


The Clove Bud's warmth, Vetiver's earthy touch, Patchouli's mystique, Sweet Orange's cheerful burst, Clary Sage's herbal clarity, Ylang Ylang's floral allure, and Lavender's soothing embrace - each note plays its part in this exquisite symphony. The candle's aroma reaches deep into your soul, fostering an environment of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Sustainable Luxury, Ethical Indulgence


Responsibly sourced and eco-friendly, this candle not only pampers your senses but also respects our planet. The blend of soy and coconut wax ensures a cleaner burn, making it a guilt-free indulgence for those who are environmentally conscious.


A Gift of Wellness


Encased in a simple yet elegant vessel, the Aroma Theory Cashmere Candle makes for a thoughtful gift to anyone who cherishes the finer things in life. Perfect for yoga studios, meditation spaces, or any home where tranquility is cherished.


The Aroma Theory Promise


We believe in the power of nature's healing and the expertise of clinical aromatherapy. Our commitment is to deliver not just a candle, but a beacon of calm and luxury in your everyday life.


Illuminate Your World with Aroma Theory Cashmere Candle – Where Elegance Meets Wellness.

Cashmere Candle

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